Why do Chinese students choose UW-Madison? — Channel C

Channel C's first episode: "Why Chinese Students choose UW-Madison"

More and more Chinese students choose America as the destination of their college education. UW-Madison experiences the drift, too.

China surpasses South Korea and became the number one foreign country with the largest student population on UW-Madison campus. That number — 1,048 — doubled four years later.

As of fall 2013, 2,460 Chinese students are studying at UW-Madison, which counts 41.4 percent of the entire international student population, according to the enrollment report from the UW-Madison Office of the Registrar. Click here to see trend from previous years.

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Are Chinese students anti-social?


“There is nothing that makes me sadder than to have a student come say goodbye to me after four or five years,” said Marilee Sushoreba, program coordinator at UW-Madison International Student Services.

“And I will say to them, ‘How many American friends are you leaving with?’

“They will lower their head and say ‘well, not too many.’

“‘How many,’ I say, ‘precisely?’


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